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The Phil Chevron Testimonial Concert

Phil Chevron Testimonial Concert

The catalyst for this surprising Blades reunion would be a Phil Chevron tribute concert in the Olympia Theatre on August 25th, 2013. Phil, though terminally ill, attended the concert and had requested that some of his favourite artists would perform for him.

Musicians included Shane McGowan, Declan O’Rourke, Gavin Friday, Brush Sheils, various Radiators, and Horslips, and many more including Paul Cleary.

Paul Cleary (The Blades) plays “Enemies” and “Downmarket”

Paul plugged in his electric guitar and launched into the old Radiators’ song ‘Enemies’ which went down well. For his only other song of the night, he performed a blistering version of ‘Downmarket’ which had the whole audience singing along. And though the night was tinged with sadness (Phil died 6 weeks later) it was also a night to celebrate Phil’s lasting legacy.

Phil Chevron speaks at his Testimonial
Three songs with Brush Sheils (1), and Gavin Friday (2)
Shane MacGowan “Thousands Are Sailing”
Horslips and the Radiators “Shakin’ All Over”
Luka Bloom starts playing Heart Man
Horslips “Trouble (With a Capital T)”
The Radiators, Horslips, Gavin Friday – Television Screen