The Blades – The Sound Of Raytown (Trailer)

As yet unfinished, The Blades – The Sound Of Raytown film will chart the story of the band from their origins in the summer of punk in 1977, through highs and lows to the present day and the release of their critically acclaimed album Modernised.

This documentary will, with the aid of the band’s peers and major figures from the Irish media and music business, delve into what really happened to scupper the release of the now lauded debut album, ‘The Last Man in Europe’ and will, for the first time on film, tell the story behind their break up.

With exclusive access to band members past and present, this documentary will tell the story of how they became the most promising Irish act of the early ’80s, how lead singer Paul Cleary came to be regarded as the most talented song writer of his generation and how, in the early months of 1986, it all came to an end.