Calm Before the Storm

  1. Too Blind to See
  2. Footprints in the Sand
  3. No One Knows Nothin’
  4. Richest Man in the World
  5. Is This All There Is?
  6. Broken Skies
  7. Can’t Love No One but You
  8. What You Get is What You See
  9. The Worst Is Yet to Come
  10. A New Start
  11. One Hit Wonder

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Broken Skis Single Cover

Broken Skies (Single)

  1. Broken Skies

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Live to Love EP

  1. Gale Force Ten
  2. Like a River (That Has Run Dry) [feat. Heather Fogarty]
  3. Life Is for Lovin’
  4. Pure Happiness

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Red Letter Day

  1. Watch This Space
  2. Radio A.C.T.I.V.E
  3. 2 Minute Warning
  4. Miss Antarctica
  5. No Man’s Land
  6. God’s Right Hand Man
  7. When Autumn Leaves
  8. Red Letter Day
  9. Love Never Sleeps
  10. The Clowns Have Taken over the Circus
  11. Is That Too Much to Ask?
  12. Emerald Blues

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My Saving Grace EP

  1. Too Big for Your Boots
  2. Got a Good Feelin’
  3. My Saving Grace
  4. The Sun Never Sets (On Our Love)

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