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PureMzine Reviews “It’s Just a Feeling”

Boy One drops energetic indie pop single “It’s Just a Feeling”

Boy One drops energetic indie pop single “It’s Just a Feeling”

Dublin-based artist Boy One, also known as Brian Foley, has unveiled his latest single, “It’s Just a Feeling”, marking a significant stride in his musical journey. The track, now accessible on prominent streaming platforms, serves as a precursor to his upcoming album, “While The City Sleeps”.

The single, described as a no-holds-barred, uptempo indie pop piece with resonating big drum beats, encapsulates Boy One’s diverse musical influences, spanning from the iconic Frank Sinatra to the realms of glam rock. Foley, recognized as the bass player for the renowned New Wave band The Blades, brings his extensive musical background to the forefront with this latest release. Notably, he has also been associated with The Vipers and the Harvest Ministers in his musical career.

“It’s Just a Feeling” not only stands as a testament to Boy One’s artistic evolution but also provides a glimpse into the forthcoming album, “While The City Sleeps”. The album, set for release on Monday, 26th February 2024, will be available in both CD format and across major streaming platforms, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience.

Brian Foley’s dual identity as a bassist for The Blades adds an additional layer of significance to Boy One’s musical endeavors, reinforcing his place in Dublin’s legendary music scene. As fans anticipate the album’s release, the versatile artist continues to navigate the intersection of his varied influences, promising a dynamic musical experience for listeners.

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