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Live To Love EP Featured On The RTE Website

Live To Love EP RTE featured the release of my second EP “Live To Love” back in 2019. Back in the good old pre-pandemic times. The record was produced by Pat Donne and featuring guest vocalist Heather Fogarty, the EP opens with Gale Force Ten an up-tempo, guitar-driven rocker.

Heather Fogarty

To find out more about Heather, visit her Facebook page.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment, Foley said, “There’s a kind of Undertones, punky vibe off this one. I was probably thinking about Teresa Mannion when I wrote it . . . “

The musician says he was influenced by the recent deaths of people close to him on the following track, Like a River (that has run dry). “There’s a hint of Gospel on it to convey the melancholy lyrics,” said Foley. “It’s sung by guest vocalist Heather Fogarty.

Stream the Live to Love EP

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