Boy One – The Orginal Song by The Blades

The Blades - Boy One

Watch The Blades play “Boy One” live at the Olympia Theatre, December 14th, 2013.

The song ‘Boy One’ was one of a batch of brass-laden songs that Paul wrote with the introduction to the band of Frank Duff on trumpet and Paul Grimes on trombone. The song became an instant favourite with the fans and still garners a great reaction when played to this day.

One Two Three Furr

The song starts with just Paul on vocal and guitar and then with a full-throated 1234 from the crowd, the band comes in with the brass dominating proceedings with a punchy, soulful sound. It’s one of the catchiest pop songs in the set and even the guitar solo can be hummed after one listen. A true sign of pop writing genius.

Thanks to Gombeen Nation for posting on YouTube.

Listen to Boy One (The Song) Live from the Olympia


Boy one wants to know
If you still want him
Then tell him so
If not then don’t delay
In sending this boy on his way

No point in hanging on
No point in talking tough
It’s time for honesty
This girl is calling this boy’s bluff

I’m losing the feeling
Without your touch

When the girls are on their own
Do they wonder which boy asked you home
We’ve all got dirty knees
From begging, begging, begging please

No point in being coy
No point in talking sweet
It’s desperation time
This boy can be so indiscreet

I’m losing the feeling
Without your touch

© Copyright, Paul Cleary